Our Mission

The Jewish faith has an interesting custom for the burial of brutally victimized individuals. Traditionally, we adhere to a strict regimen of cleaning and dressing the deceased. However, victims of violence are sent to their final resting place, ‘as is’. Their blood-stained garments and badly beaten corpses are left intact. No attempt is made to visually purify them. This is meant to elicit a heavenly reaction. By sending G-d’s beloved back to Him in such a defiled state, we expect G_d to be moved to show mercy and redeem His children.
In a similar vein, the artwork developed for Black is a Color, is meant to depict the heroic posture humanity has assumed in this post-Holocaust world, and present it to both man and G-d. For man it should serve as a reminder of the worth of his actions, and for G-d a testament to the worth of His creations.



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