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As a people go from chosen to selected.

 An elderly gentleman unexpectedly approached a group of young boys on the street...
He rolled up his shirt sleeve,
revealing a row of faded death-camp numbers;
his arm trembled before our stunned faces.

‘Never forget what they did to us,’

came his resolute plea.

He rolled his sleeve back down
and bid us farewell.

- As retold by one of the boys -

Black is a Color, Inc., a not-for-profit organization shines a penetrating light down the darkest corridor of man's history. Through the eyes of Stan Lebovic, the gifted artist, a survivor’s son, we see a soul grappling with the unremitting longing for meaning behind the horror. His unique talent and perspective takes us beyond the nightmare into an exquisite world of hope and faith.

“As the son of a man who also carried numbers on his arm, I cannot and will not forget. My hope is that my images will impel others to do the same.”
-Stan Lebovic-

His many unforgettable photo-realist works of art depict the Holocaust’s profound and indelible impact on the generations born from the horror. Explanatory essays detail the intent of each visual presentation.
We offer your organization this integral opportunity to enhance your own efforts in commemorating the martyred six million and honor those precious few who remain, inspiring us to embrace the blessing of life and the eternity of their heritage.


Exhibit Specifications
21 pop-up banners 24"x63"; 1 pop-up banner 48"x78"
60 linear feet
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