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Intended Audience: Those seeking a deeper insight into the traditional text of the Haggadah.

Hardcover Casing: 200 pages with full-color illustrations throughout.

Dimensions: Large heirloom edition 13.75 x 10 x 1 inches

Weight: 3.8 lbs.

ISBN-13: 978-0615840987



Rabbi Berel Wein, Rav, Beit Knesset HaNassi Jerusalem:

“Stan Lebovic's Pesach Haggadah is a work of art both in its illustrations and in its text and insights into the basic story of Judaism and the Jewish people. It is an intellectual work, fraught with emotion and extremely powerful in its illustrations and text. It should not only be read, but it should be studied, absorbed and savored. Stan Lebovic is a person of enormous talents and deep faith and wisdom. His work should be appreciated and disseminated .”


Rabbi N. Daniel Korobkin, Author of the New Translation of the classic philosophic work, The Kuzari: In Defense of the Despised Faith Rabbi of Beth Avraham Yoseph of Toronto Congregation:

“Stanley Lebovic s Escape Velocity is a tour de force of words and art that strives to unlock the deeper meaning of the Passover Haggadah and its contemporary message to the modern reader. Lebovic struggles with the two lenses through which he views the world: the lens of a scholar of classic Jewish theology and philosophy, and the lens of a Holocaust survivor s son. In his first book, Black is a Color, the author and artist used his masterful artwork to present his personal theodicy of the Holocaust and how he has embraced the Divine messages contained therein. In Escape Velocity, Lebovic hearkens back to the Shoah only occasionally, but there s no doubt that it serves as the fuel which compels him to probe into the deeper purposes of existence. The author thus focuses on the larger existential meaning of life and why G-d created this imperfect yet darkly beautiful universe. Using the text of the Haggadah as his backdrop, Lebovic has woven an intricate theological tapestry that culls from a wide variety of classic Jewish literary genres. Escape Velocity is best read in small doses. Each page of art and text demands rumination and digestion. Lebovic s goal isn t to force-feed the one singular truth about creation, Exodus, or existence; if one truism exists within Judaism, it s that there s never only one answer to any question. Rather, he provokes us to think beyond the simple reading of the Haggadah text and appreciate that the deepest philosophical questions of G-d and reality are contained within this very innocuous-looking text. After Escape Velocity, you will no longer be able to hurriedly recite the Haggadah on the way to the matzah balls.”


Rabbi Raphael B. Butler, President of The Afikim Foundation:

“A brilliantly crafted artistry of graphic and text that is sure to inspire personal introspection and family conversation around the Seder table and beyond. It further encourages the reader to more fully grasp and appreciate the span of Jewish experience that is found within the words of the Haggadah.”


Jay Michaelson, The Forward:

“Escape Velocity is a post-Holocaust retort par excellence. It rebels against traditional theology, only to reclaim Passover s redemptive message from the ashes.”

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